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Peri Blake 20131007140357!Sarah-sarah-bolger-8265597-261-371
Name: Peri Elizabeth Blake
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
FC: Sarah Bolger
Bio: The youngest of the three children of Irulan and Henry Blake, she is a skilled artist and a good student. She isn't very close to her family especially her father, her older brothers often teased and bullied her. Her mother did nothing to stop her sons, who she saw as angels. Her father often berates her about getting her head out of the clouds and focusing on getting a career, claiming her art is worthless. After a fight with her father she ran away, living now with her favorite aunt. Her parents let her stay there, sending money once in a while for her to get things she needs and that is the only contact she has with them.


Peri Blake Jeremy-northam-007
Henry Blake: Father
(Jeremy Northam)

Peri Blake Fanny-Ardant_375x500_img_03
Iurlan Blake: Mother
(Fanny Ardant)

Peri Blake Cw-bab-prt-max-brown_113496-d77cc5-325x434
Richard Blake: Oldest Brother
(Max Brown)

Peri Blake Nm1508044
Edward Blake: Older Brother
(Emmanuel Leconte)

Peri Blake 4_Maria
Cora Blake: Aunt
(Maria Doyle Kennedy)

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